THE SOURCE SIT (Sustainable Innovative Technology) is a company that develops and commercializes family sized systems, to supply pure water to remote populations.

The WaterPOD™ (Pure Ocean Distillation) works by solar distillation, it has no operating cost, requiring only simple cleaning.

The water situation in the world today

The inventor of the WaterPOD spent a considerable amount of time amongst remote populations and became acutely aware of the impact of the lack of direct access to fresh water on their livelihoods. He decided to develop a solar water distilling system that would be autonomous, easy to use and of a suitable size for the average family. It was clear to him that it was essential to develop a system with low running costs and no pollution.


It's from this basis that the process of the POD™ (Pure Ocean Distillation) system was conceived.

From bio mimicry to the sale of solar distillation systems

Inspired by the natural cycle, the technique of solar water distillation enables the treatment of sea water or brackish water water as well as any non-potable water. This technique was used by ancient civilizations but has fallen into disuse besause of its low yield and the time it takes to build artisanal systems out of fragile materials.

The industrial age saw the birth of individual motorized systems, these have a high operational cost, require specialised techniques and skills to maintain equipment, and use polluting energy sources.

Research and development undertaken by THE SOURCE SIT has established innovative systems, now protected by patents and trademarks. This is how the POD™ (Ocean Pure Distillation) technology was born.

The waterPOD™ distils all types of non-potable water. The system can supply 5 to 6 litres of pure water per day, from 10 to 12 litres of untreated water. The pure water can then be re-mineralized with between 3 to 5% of seawater. Pure water is re-mineralized with a bottle’s cap filled with sea water

For the treatment of brackish water or any type of contaminated or non-potable water, pure water can be mineralized with minerals supplied as a powder, granules or in other forms (mineral cartridges, filters...).

Our service : Analysis of your environment water requirements

Our teams and partners are specialists in water provision ; we propose to assist development projects and to tailor our skills to your needs.

For this, we make available to you our network of solutions and our team will respond to you as soon as possible.


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